Robert Evan Howard
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Start with ONE anybody.  
Add more stress then this person can comfortably deal with:        
    a.  Money       
    b.  Sex       
    c.  Time        
    d.  Social standing        
    e.  Illness        
     f.  Accident       
    g.  Employment        
    h.  Age       
     i.  Disability - physical and / or mental       
     j.  Service in a war zone       
    k.  Sleep deprivation       
     l.  Pain       
   m.  Harassment from the cops.  Cops acting like hunters, with people as pray.       
    n.  Bullying.       
    o.  Education       
    p.  Abuse  
3. Invent more laws then anyone can remember, and / or understand.  
4. Stir: - Create a provocative situation to the benefit of a cop.        
    a.  Cops simply stare at someone trying to provoke a response leading to an arrest able
         offence. -- they will react.       
    b.  Cops will walk up to someone and ask provocative questions.      
    c.  Cops will ask a question that requires someone to ask a question in response, but the
         cop will not reply- just stand there in an attempt invoke an arrest able response.       
    d.  Cops " like a scene in a play" will perform déjà vu act outs - the same interaction with
         someone over and over again trying to insight a reaction to provoke a person into an
         arrest able response.      
    e.  ( You get the idea.  Be afraid. )  
First Arrest - Permanent Criminal Record stemming from:        
    a.  The inability to pay a traffic ticket.        
    b.  The breaking of a law unintentionally.        
    c.  The breaking of an unknown law.        
    d.  An accident.       
    e.  A malicious act by someone else.        
     f.  Mistaken identity.       
    g.  A crooked cop.       
    h.  A lousy cop.        
     i.  Bad advice.       
     j.  Bad choice.       
    k.  Doing something illegal - of course.       
     l.  Cops pull someone over knowing there will be a law that has been broken, regardless
         of  how trivial.  They will then  be able to impound the car - this will mean that most
         people will lose their car, their job, residence, and in some cases the family will fall
Criminal Forever, after first arrest - Nothing to loose.        
     a.  The person will never be able to hold public office, or have a good job  making for a
           lousy family life, if there is a family.       
     b.  The person will find it hard to get a meaningful education.        
     c.  The person will be haunted with an arrest record anywhere they go.        
     d.  Cops will use that arrest as a perfect excuse to harass that person.        
     e.  Cops will refer to that person as a crook whenever possible - forever.  
Who " WINS ".       
     a.  The cops, attorneys, judges, jailers, those who own the jails and prisons.  " You get
           the idea, a DAISY CHAIN of people on the TAXPAYERS GRAVY TRAIN ".  
Who " PAYS ".        
     a.  The person arrested pays some, but looses a tremendous amount in lost wages while
           in a cell, and poor jobs when they get out.  Plus, society loses through the lose of
           what that person could have contributed.        
     b.  " YOU the TAX PAYER " pays the " HUNDREDS of BILLIONS " per year to that daisy
           chain of people on the gravy train so they can go home at night, feed the family, and
           educate their kids.  
        A " LOT " of really angry people, who's lives are shattered, with nothing to loose.  All
        they are left with is a bunch of potential victims, and getting even with the cops - some
        vandalize public property, some use guns, some use cancer causing chemicals, and
        some seek out the relatives of cops or any civil servant.  The person who was arrested
        will do what is necessary to stay alive, and attempt to care for the family - if there is one
        left...  They no longer have a realistic hope of a normal life, and are correct in thinking

        A " LOT " of people on that gravy train.  The more lives that are trashed, the greater the
        job security, and the longer the gravy train trough - an enormous drain on the economy
        and social structure of the United States.    
SOLUTION ! ! !              
      a.   Remove all information from all records one year after a conviction of a minor non
            violent crime,  and make it a felony to retain copies. If this were done, there would be
            no blackmail, harassment,  prejudice, and people could still have a chance at a normal
            productive life.                 
      b.   Provide basic shelter, food, health care, and educational programs for every citizen.  If
            survival needs are met, individuals will be able to concentrate on bettering
            themselves, instead of what crime they will have to commit to get the money to stay
            alive.  This practice would be paid for using  " MUCH LESS " tax money then chasing,
            catching. prosecuting, and jailing the millions of people now in the present criminal
            justice system.  Plus the benefit of having millions of more productive citizens.

SUB  NOTE     
Educational programs should be provided when the individual is MOST capable of learning,
and not forced when it's most convenient for someone else.
[ Point being, remove the base stress of survival, and the individual will be healthier - both physically and mentally, be able to make the most of the educational process, and will be as productive as they can be for themselves, their families, and country…]
This is not a perfect solution for all situations, but it would make a significant difference. Those involved in law enforcement, regardless of position, need to stop acting like the United States is one big prison, and citizens nothing more than inmates to be hunted.  If they spent as much time and money helping people, as they do knocking them in the ditch, America would be a much better place.

The best way to beat an addiction, of any kind, is to " GRADUALLY " reduce exposure to the source in such a way as to allow the body " AND " mind to synchronize to the reduction.  The degree of stress a person and / or  persons are subjected to during the process, will  greatly influence the time it will take to beat the addiction. The best way to prevent addiction to anything, is through education.  The younger the better.  Emphasize the sources of addiction, how to avoid those sources, and instill the knowledge of the affects and results of addictions.  This includes people tricking someone into exposure to a sourceby referring to it as non addictive, OR something it is not.  Censorship is intentionally inducing a gap in
the knowledge base of individuals and of society.  Everyone should be aware of the detriments in real life as well as the glories.  No one should be denied the tools necessary to make their own judgments. 


                                                    CANCER  AND  OTHER  MALADIES

Recent events have compelled me to publish this shortened version of my personal story earlier then I had intended. 

I should also say, before you read this paper, that I am no saint.

This is a brief rundown of 38 or so years beginning around 1970.
Around 1970 I decided to do something about the drug problem I found around Salt Lake City, and the University of Utah.

I went to the S.L.C. narcotics department and offered to volunteer as a nark.  I was told there was no funding for something like that, but that the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs did.  There I found Bruce Lockwood. 

Getting in to the confidence of people dealing drugs was not as easy as I thought even though drugs seemed to be all around.  For the most part I found that people just talked a lot.

I got six or so capsules from a cook a JB's restaurant which he said was LSD.  I emptied the capsules, and replaced the content with the artificial sweetener in the pink packages.

I used the capsules to portray myself as a user.  Not the smartest thing I could have done.

The Salt Lake City police arrested me for position.  I was previously told by agent Lockwood that if something like this happened, to just keep quite, and he would take care of it.  He wanted a minimum of 1000 hits or a kilo of something to make a case.  These days that is easy to find, but back then, it was not so common. 

I left the police station, and went directly to the Federal Building to advise agent Lockwood of what had happened.

The city police were already there.  They threatened me with prosecution.  I know there was nothing in the capsules, so I was not really concerned.  I should have been.  They provided analyses of the content of the capsules as some kind of drug.  I do not remember what kind, but that should have sent me on a different path.  However by that time I had set a goal of 100 dealers.  They eventually dropped the charges, but there was and is no way I am going to let it go.  Ever! ! !

Over the next few years I nailed several dealers, but, after a while finding dealers willing to sell to me
became less and less likely. 

Eventually, I was deputized as a special deputy for the County Sheriffs Office.  Jo Gee took my ID back after a few years without explanation.  By this time I was becoming more familiar with how things work, so I was not surprised.  

I then started working with Captain Dan Waters at the University of Utah.  One case particular cemented my ill feelings for cops.  I met one musician who wanted to take me Columbia to meet some big time suppliers.  Captain Waters said in order to get the funding for that kind of operation, we needed to get a buy.  I bought a small quantity of cocain from him at a club he was playing at in Park City Utah.  Accompanying me was an Agent McFlintaok " not sure about the spelling " from the ATF.  Not sure what his participation was. 

The next thing I know, I am summand before a Grand Jury to testify against the musician.  They left a note on the office door I had spent years building up as a front.  The note detailed my invitation to the Grand Jury, and my expected performance.   Of course every bad guy I had been working on seen the note, or passed on the information to the others.  I was of course furious.  Captain Waters said, " those dirty rats ", referring to whoever left the note.  Form my prospective there went a lot of time and work down the drain.  Once again my cop buds seemed to think throwing my life away to make a case that made then look good was an OK thing to do.  I still kept working the cases I was involved in, and pretended to shrug off of the betrayal.  After having this done to me several times before you would think I would quit.   

Captain Dan Waters at the University Police Department lined me up with an operation called Region Eight Taskforce under the command of Everet Johnson.  There I got a few more including a sheriffs daughter, but that was at his request.  I made the buy from his daughter and boyfriend in the sheriffshome.  Not real significant, other then it was a unique situation.  After that, I worked another operation, and got a few more.

By this time I realized that the people I had been busting for drugs were just trying to get through life as best they could.  Now, with few exceptions, I have to live with knowing how many lives I ruined.

At my local hangout, once again cops thought throwing my life away was OK.  The dispatch operator at the University Police Department " Debby " called and asked for Eddy Archaletta who was a convicted bank robber and connected to every bad guy in the neighborhood, and proceeded to talk to him as if she was talking to me.  Needless to say having a convicted bank robber knowing what I was up to was not a good thing.  Once again my life meant nothing but a joke to the cops.  Hope you read this Debby, you have no idea how much grief you caused by your participation with that phone call.

I talked a friend of mine into teaching me how to make jewelry.  I thought posing as a jeweler would makeit easier to work into more interesting bad guys.  Worked like a champ.  Unfortunately, the personal losses were tremendous.

This stage takes me into working with Ron Todd at the Attorneys Generals Office.  Agent Todd was in Chief Special Agent in charge of the White Collar Crime Unit.  First target was some supposed local organized crime guys who owned a hotel down town.  This led to a nearly 15-year investigation.  Turns out the supposed organized crime guys knew my relatives who were not exactly angles from long ago in a different city.  The lines between doing business legitimately and tweaking the laws here and there seem to get smudged no matter who you are.

I would like to note at this point that in the longer version of this article, I will be decusing Mr. R. Sirel - " not sure on the spelling ". Mr. Sirel, when you said your family had a monopoly on the gas in your area, I asked - " Aren't you afraid of monopoly changes? ", and you said you had an inside to the AG's office, you set the stage. 

Before and during this portion of my life is Detective Ken Holderman - " spelling may not be correct ".  Ron Todd said it might help to work with Detective Holderman in order to give the city cops a bone so they would not mess up other work.  I did not see how busting small time bad guys would prevent the jeopardizing of cases against those of more interest.  Detective Holderman made it imposable to get the big guys, and also et a lot of people know what I was doing.  I would like to spend more time on Holdermen, but it would dilute the program.  In the end Holderman wound up a guard at the prison.  He and female guard forced an inmate to have sex.  The inmate save the evidence of oral sex, and won a large suit and became a lawyer, or so I am told.  Holdermans friends who are still officers provide a yet larger story, but someone else wants to tell it, and that person is in a much better position.

The person of most interest was Jo Santi.  He disappeared leaving behind his hotel and as far and I was told, a lot of other assets.  Another unsolved mystery, but not the end of the story.  His brother Albert proved to be more interesting.

One case I should mention is the theft of 12 or so tractor-trailers loaded with the warehouse contents from Grand Central.  The running the warehouse was an addict.  Grand Central gave Ron a $1,OOO to give to me.  It helped to cover the costs for the first time in 20 years.

After Ron Todd retired from the Attorneys Generals Office, I really had a hatred for the cops.  Ron was the only one I still consider a friend.  He is also the only one who did not
though me to the wolves just to benefit him.  He is in my opinion the only good cop I knew.

An action of note around, Craig Tedesco - " spelling is as close as I can make it " - a guy in the jewelry business - and a friend at one time - and the other person of interest is a nigger named BIP - " real name was Robert something.  His license plate said piper, or something like that.  I hate the N word, but it applies to this guy.  He worked for, and may still, the Housing Authority - something along those lines.  His friend was the bar tender at the Hilton named Knox.  We used to play liars poker, and regular poker every now and again.  One
day Craig and Bip held my arms down while a cop frisked me.  Craig's girlfriend " Janet " was tending the bar at the time in the bar on the main floor of the Hilton.  Later she was a waitress at the bar on the 13th floor of the Hilton.  Craig, if you read this, I am sorry about the loss in the burglary in Sandy, but I still need to deal with you holding my arms down.   

Up to this point I was burgled out of business three times, and once when only a gun the cops wanted was taken.  A hundred thousand dollars in jewelry and parts laying around and only the gun ends up missing.  I set up a jewelry business in Sandy Utah, and when I was burgled there, the cops get a phone call while they are taking fingerprints, and they stoped.  They would not even talk to me.  The biggest loss other then mine was a jewel belonging to Tony Escobar, and gold charms belonging to Craig Tedesco.  This was around 1982, or there abouts.  Who called the cops and what did that cop say that would cause the cops stop taking finger prints and leave.

After that, I get involved in a gold mine deal in Montana.  My advice - never get involved in a gold mind.  In any event, two cops showed up, and after that nobody would talk to me.  Who ever you guys were I hope you read this.

Once back in Salt Lake it becomes obvious that the gold mine, Dragonair Hotel and Casino in Malta, sausage plat in Zurich, and Mexican oil deal are all part of the same scam. 

I was already wiped out, but maybe there was a chance to get Mr. Kelsch back some of his money - in the millions.

During this time we wind up renting half of the eleventh floor of the hotel.  We had 24hr. access to the pool and room service.  The guy who ran the bar " Gorge "  said not to worry about anything, he would pick up the tab.  Later of course we found that he was part of the scam.  So we wound up with a big bill.  Gorge by the way got away with half a million or so.  Nobody had an exact figure.  He did not get anything from Mr. Kelsch who lucked out on that one anyway.

The local cops apparently screwed up everything we had worked on trying to get Mr. Kelsch his money back.  However, one guy that hung around always asking for a job did eventually prove to be one of the most interesting people I have ever met.  Not for any particular talent, but for the inadvertent connections he made though an introduction I made for him.

I do not recall him ever introducing himself, so I never knew his name.  One day while Mr. Kelsch, myself, and couple of other people were sitting in the bar discussing what we thought was part of the Mexican oil deal, two guys sitting next to us asked me if I knew someone looking for someone they could trust for a quick job.  I looked at the bar, and there he was.  I waved him over and said these guys were looking for someone looking for some
work.  I did not see him again for several years.  Now into the good part.

After the hotel deal fell apart, we eventually wound up six blocks from down town.  There we continued the art project for 14 years, and continues to the present, about 20 plus years total. 

One day a Mercedes pulled up along side me as I was walking down town.  A guy got out and approached me.  " Hay, dude, thought I'd never see you again. "  He said grabbing my hand. 

I had no idea who he was.  It turns out he was the guy standing at the bar I lined up with the two guys sitting next to us in the bar at the hotel.

He said those guys paid him to run dope from Mexico to California and a few other states.  He said he never got busted, and so far he had made a couple million.  I smiled and wished him good luck, and turned away.  He followed me.  To make a long story short, he thought we were big time organized crime guys because of the activity at the hotel, and so did the guys I lined him up with.  I told him I was just a jeweler and artist, and that we had got screwed on the gold mine and other deals. 

He had me make him some jewelry.  During this time, he said they moved him up to money laundering.  They would set up a small business, like a T-Shirt store, and say it made a few hundred thousand dollars, and then they would close it.  After that, they had him move money around from places like the T-Shirt place to health clinics.  The health clinics are were the most money was made.  If you did not have cancer or some other ailment going in, you had it going out.  They were and probably still are making literally hundreds of millions
from insurance agencies, government programs like Medicare and others.  He also told me about the crooked police, politicians, and others on both sides of the boarder.  I did not believe him.  After all those years chasing organized crime guys, this guy falls right into my lap.  I thought he was a plant by the cops for some reason.  Then after a while, everything he told me started showing up, from the crooked cops, to the number of people getting cancer.  What drew my attention.  At one time he said they used the same chemicals in the health clinics as they did to eliminate the competition, and get even with the cops.  On the news there was mention of cops having a higher cancer rate then the average.  The next time I seen him I told him that if he told me anything else, I would rat him off to the cops.  I told him something of my background, and he was convinced.  He half heartedly joked about seeing if I could work a deal for him to turn states evidence, and I said no.  I also told
him that I told Captain Waters of our conversation just incase he was telling me the truth.  That was the only way I could protect myself from being involved by withholding information concerning his and his friends activities.  I also emphasized what had
happened with the Grand Jury years before.  Therefore, I insisted he understood that if he told me anything specific, I would rat him off.  I never saw him again.

                                                          How to get away with it in Utah
                                                           " I even gave one to myself - #18 "
Some day with another person who is in a " really good " position, and on my side, I hope to do this paper in far grater detail with photos to go with the names of the cops and informants that burned me, and tried to get me to react to their intimidation and harassment in order to be able to charge me with something.

Plus interfering with almost every sale and deal I had, preventing me from making money. These acts kept me in the living on the street off and on for many years.  I wont forget.

This will include all those who harassed me directly and through déjà vu actions attempting to get me to react to their actions in order to be able to arrest me for something in my businesses at 600 E. 100 So. , Cross Roads Mall, Arrow Press Square, and 2220 So. State Street. 

Dee's restaurant on 400 So. - this is to ex Detective Holdermans fellow cops - do not think for a second that I will forget what you did to me that night.

Plus the déjà vu actions at Albertson's, Smiths, and Dee's in Sandy with John Bell who invented parts to a pain monitoring system.  Charley Davis representing CRG real-estate which has changed name to Commercial real estate solutions ( C and W Alliance - Cushman and Wakefield real estate,  Ivan Radman, and the Burtons who own Burton Lumber participating in an illegal search of my property.  There are a many more, but most of them another person wants to expose for what was done to " him and / or her so as not to give that person away ".


More on these guys in the long version.  Leo Ania and your handlers and friends in California, the South Salt Lake cop with the wheal chair scam - " I have one photo from the first time and several from the second, Caesar the owner of Caesar's Motorcycle Empire Llc I have one photo from both of your incursions - " seems like a bad call considering the business you are in, and eight others.  Plus others named by my associate.

I am not sure this deal targeted me specifically, or was just the Salt Lake City's Fire Department usual way doing things to people.

FOR THE SECOND TIME - On 11-17-09 at 3885 w. 750 so. Salt Lake City, Utah firemen lied to Salt Lake City police officers about me witnessing a confrontation between Lew Rio and a fireman who came at him from behind and to his left side and from between a white truck and some junk.  The firemen told the police that I was not there at the time.  In fact, I was talking to Lew with about two feet between us.  The two Salt Lake City, police officers who responded were Stutz and Omar.  I hope I spelled their names right, I got them from the dispatcher.  The officer that took my statement and said that the firemen said I did not arrive until AFTER the incident was young and white, so I guess he is officer Stutz.

My question is if firemen will "
LIE " to the police about something like that, then what else.  I don't think I would rely on their word on arson investigations, work related injuries, work time, or anything else.  These guys also get a WEASEL AWARD which I will soom post..

If you have a story about crooked cops or others involved in law enforcement, please send me an email.


Thank you,
                                                                      Robert Evan Howard